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Counselor's Corner


The school counseling program facilitates student development in three critical areas:

Academic Development

·         Assisting students with the acquisition of attitudes, knowledge and skills which contribute to effective learning.

Career Development

·         Providing activities which allow students to investigate the work of work.

Personal and Social Development

·         Working with students to encourage responsible behavior, planning and goal setting.

·         Helping students to develop the ability to deal with group pressure, resolve conflicts, and interact positively with others.

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Lithia Springs Elementary School Counseling Program is to provide effective support services in the domains of academic, personal/social and career development that align with the learning styles of the students.

Support services include instruction and counseling to:

·         Reduce barriers to learning which impede academic achievement

·         Assist in the development of positive character traits

·         Teach effective goal setting, problem solving and decision-making skills

·         Encourage the demonstration of appropriate behavior

·         Develop successful personal and career related relationships throughout life

Philosophy and Beliefs:

·         All students should have access to a quality comprehensive counseling program.

·         Students, family, school and community should be involved in an ongoing partnership with the counselor responsible for the success in the learning environment.

·         Each student is a valued individual with unique physical, social, emotional and intellectual needs.

·         Students learn best in a loving and safe environment where they feel encouraged, respected and nurtured.

·         Implement a curriculum which addresses the needs of all students in the areas of academics, social and emotional growth and career development which will foster student performance.

·         Teach students that they will become productive learners when they demonstrate personal responsibility, make positive life choices, and develop effective coping skills. 

The Counselor will:


·         Will abide by ethical standards provided by the National School Counseling Association and Georgia Department of Education.

·         Attend ongoing professional development courses to learn how to better impact student achievement and school improvement.

·         Seek improvement based on results data.

Counseling Activities:

Classroom Guidance, Support Groups, Individual Counseling, Mentors and Volunteers, Partners in Education, Food Drives, Careers on Wheels Red Ribbon Week, Guest Speakers and Career Museum.

To schedule an appointment or to obtain additional information, please call Berenice Garcia at 770-651-4114.