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It's a new school year and we are all excited to be back!  Our gifted evaluation sessions will be in October and March this year!  Parent referrals for gifted evaluation are welcome at any time of the year but our windows for actual testing are in October and March.  Kindergarten referrals are tested in March.  To refer your child for gifted evaluation please speak to one of our administrators, your child's teacher or Mrs. Brogdon, our gifted resource teacher.  If you have any questions about our gifted program (Program Challenge) please feel free to contact Sherry Brogdon at 770-651-4140.  Email:

To learn more about Program Challenge, visit our Douglas County gifted website at , click on Student Achievement, then Academic Programs, then Gifted Program.

Determining Eligibility:

Program Challenge (Douglas County's gifted program), as mandated by Georgia law, provides services to identified gifted students. A school Eligibility Committee receives referrals for testing from school personnel or parents and determines eligibility for testing. Students are evaluated in mental ability, achievement, creativity, and motivation and must meet either three of the four criteria or score at the 99th percentile (grades K-2) or 96th percentile (grades 3-12) on the composite or fill scale score of a standardized mental ability test and meet the achievement criteria. Students are served either through differentiated curriculum in the resource room or advanced content. At least one teacher serves every school. Additional information provided upon request.