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Douglas County Grading Policy

Douglas County School System

Elementary School Grading Guidelines



  • First, Second, and Third 9 Weeks: Satisfactory, Needs Improvement, Unsatisfactory
  • Fourth 9 Weeks: Georgia Kindergarten Inventory of Developmental Skills (GKIDS)

First - Fifth Grades:

  • A = 90 to 100
  • B = 80 to 89
  • C = 71 to 79
  • D = 70
  • F = Below 70

Art, Music, and Physical Education

  • S = Satisfactory
  • N = Needs Improvement
  • U = Unsatisfactory


Student conduct shall be evaluated as follows:

S = Satisfactory

N = Needs Improvement

U = Unsatisfactory

Number of Grades Per Nine (9) Weeks

Grades should reflect a student's relative mastery of an assignment and that a sufficient number of grades are taken to support the grade average assigned. Teachers will take a minimum of nine (9) grades in each subject area in Reading, English/Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies.

Notification of Failure

The Principal should establish school procedures requiring parent/guardian notification prior to a student's receiving a failing grade as a final grade for an evaluation period. At a minimum, parents should be contacted by progress report time.

Makeup Work

All students will receive credit for satisfactory makeup work after an excused absence. A student will be given as many days as he/she was absent to make up tests and assignments. Teachers are not required to provide assignments prior to an absence.

Extra Credit

Extra Credit opportunities will be provided consistently across grade levels at the discretion of the principal and must be academic in nature.

CDA (Common District Assessments)

  • Can replace with another CDA developed by a      collective group of teachers who teach that subject.
  • Test must be the same type of test: multiple-choice, using an assessment      management tool.
  • Use pacing guides to determine the window      available to retest.  
  • Teachers may allow students the opportunity      to retest.


Homework will not be counted for a grade unless it is a project that will be graded with a rubric.

Estimated times for daily homework are shown below. (This time incorporates reading.)


Kindergarten and First Grade     15-20 minutes

Second Grade                           20-30 minutes

Third Grade                              30-40 minutes

Fourth Grade                            40-50 minutes

Fifth Grade                               50-60 minutes

If two or more teachers are working with a student, the homework should be coordinated to adhere to the estimated daily homework schedule. Because students work at different paces, it may take some students more or less time to complete assignments.

Homework is work that is assigned to be completed at home or in a designated after school program. No new concepts should be included in homework unless using a flipped classroom approach. Homework is not to be assigned on weekends, before holidays, or during holidays with the exception of previously scheduled special reports and/or projects.

Homework is an effective tool in developing responsibility, study habits, and skills. It is an extension of the learning process and involves the home in the child's curriculum. It should be purposeful, related to classroom experience, and be age and grade appropriate. The purpose and directions for the assignments need to be clearly communicated and should be preceded by instruction that adequately prepared the child to the task independently and successfully.


Teacher Responsibilities

                -To provide meaningful tasks that enrich and supplement work introduced in class

                -To communicate homework assignments, both regular and long-range in an appropriate framework

                -To provide effective instruction prior to assigning homework that adequately prepares

                the child to do the task independently and successfully

                -To provide course requirements and expectations at the beginning of each grading period to

                students and parents

                -To consider available resources, materials, and home situations when assigning a task

Parent Responsibilities

                -To establish a specific time, place, and manner for homework to be completed

                -To monitor as needed, but not do homework for the student

                - To assist the student in planning a time schedule for long-term assignments/projects

                - To initiate communication with the teacher when concerns arise

                -To promote 15-20 minute of reading each night

Student Responsibilities

-          To complete assigned work on time and return it to the teacher

-          To plan to carefully schedule work on long-term assignments so that assignments will be completed on time

-          To communicate with the teacher when he/she does not understand the assignments or

is experiencing difficulty prior to the due date

-          To read 15-20 minutes per night


*A student/parent has 5 business days from the date report cards are issued to appeal the final grade. The appeal must be made in writing to the principal and the decision of the principal is final.